What are the security courses that you need to take?

There are different security courses that you are required to pass to become a licensed security guard.

Security companies look for highly skilled applicants with the right qualifications when hiring a security guard. 

The security course that you need to take depends on the industry that you are working for.

If you professional coaching in passing the security courses, reach out to Perth Security Services. 

It is essential to take a security course because it prepares you for the environment setting that you will be working in.

It is aimed to help you learn the right skills that will allow you to carry out your tasks, responsibilities, responsibilities and obligation as security personnel.

In Australia, there are three major security courses that you need to pass to become a licensed security guard.

These include the first aid course and the RSA courses which teach the candidate some of the necessary knowledge in terms of handling security situations.

Let us find out what these security courses are all about!

First Aid Course Perth

First aid course Perth or Provide First Aid is a minimum requirement for all security guard applicants in Australia.

Sometimes, it is also called Apply First Aid, Senior First Aid or Level 2 Workplace First Aid.

Do not be confused what the descriptions are they are all the same.

The Provide First Aid course focuses on three areas which are categorised as HLTAID001, HLTAID002 and HLTAID003.

The first category is focused on CPR, and the second is life support and last is the first aid.

Security guards should know how to administer cardiopulmonary resuscitation in the absence of medical personnel in the area.

The first aid course will provide you with the right knowledge and training in performing CPR procedures.

Moreover, basic life support training enables you to respond quickly to people with life-threatening diseases.

As a security guard, you are expected to be the first person to respond in an emergency situation where subjects are confronted with serious injuries.

It is your responsibility and obligation to perform essential support while waiting for professional help.

The last category (Provide First Aid) is one of the most used pieces of training or skills in the security field.

The training involves learning different first aid procedures for situations that you may face while in the field. 

You can complete the entire first aid course within a day. However, further reading is recommended to supply your knowledge.

The RSA Course

Passing RSA courses is another requirement that you should meet if you are assigned in venues that serve alcohol.

Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) training aims to provide knowledge about the rules and regulations of alcohol consumption in Perth and Australia.

The RSA certificate allows you to work in the hospitality management industry such as hotels, restaurants and pubs.

Passing the RSA training brings more opportunities to your career and teaches you more!

What you should remember

Passing the security courses is your ticket towards becoming a licensed security guard.

The training or course will provide you with the right skills and knowledge that can be useful in the field.

These security courses are aimed to help you carry out your obligations as a security guard.

Ensuring everyone’s safety is your responsibility. Getting the right training will allow you to do such a task.

If you want to pass the security courses, going to the security academy to get professional coaching is worth considering!

If you fail course now, do it again!

Most security companies provide re-coaching for applicants who did not pass the training.

For details about security courses, reach out to Perth Security Services!  …

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5 Reasons Why a Home Security System is Worth the Investment

While no one expects or wishes to fall victim to a burglary or robbery, you can’t dismiss the fact that these are common occurrences. Installing a security system in your home can seem costly, but you could end up losing even more in the long run. How best do you want to protect your loved ones and valuables? Statistics from the Federal Bureau of Investigations indicate that there’s a burglary every 15 seconds in the United States. A home without a security is more likely to be targeted by a robber or burglar. The importance of having a high-quality home security system cannot be overemphasized, therefore. Here are top reasons why your home should invest in a home security system. 

Protection from Intruders

The first reason you need to have a home security system is for the protection of your home and family from intruders. Statistics have repeatedly shown that homes and neighborhoods with home security systems report less cases of break-ins. Alarm systems are designed to notify the home owner as well as the authorities in case someone breaks in the home. The homeowner can find safety as soon as they get the warning even as the relevant authorities get into action. 

Remotely Monitor your Home

 Automating your home security system with a live monitoring technology can help you remotely monitor what’s happening in your home from wherever you are. Whether you’re on vacation in the Caribbean or out of the city on official duties, you have peace of mind knowing your home is safe and secure. You can remotely arm or disarm your home security system, control the thermostat, monitor the cameras in your home, turn the lights on and off, or even monitor motion detectors. 

Protection from Fires

Yes, having a home security system can protect your home and loved ones from fires. The minute a home security system detects excess smoke or heat in a home, the alarm goes off, warning the inhabitants to take safety precautions. It can provide an early warning even for the smallest of changes in the heat in your house. You and your family can then get out of the house to a safe place and notify the fire department to come deal with the situation. 

Save on Homeowner’s Insurance 

Anyone who owns a home needs to have a homeowner’s insurance. The purpose of a homeowner’s insurance is to provide you with coverage against any destruction, damage or loss of property or possessions. Homeowners with a functioning home security system often receive a discount of up to 10 to 20 percent off on their insurance plan. Of course, the cost of a homeowner’s insurance varies on location, type and size of house, payment plan, among other factors. 

Reduced Energy Consumption

If you’re looking to save on utility bills, consider installing a modern home security system. Modern systems allow homeowners to control temperature, lighting, and appliances in their home. It’s even more interesting that you remotely access your home security system and turn the lights on or off, switch off some appliances, and even shut off the heating and cooling in your home. Ultimately, you get to have reduced energy consumption, thereby saving money. 

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